You can use the Galaway extender in many ways. It is also crucial for users to know the process of the Galaway extender setup. Galaway extender comes with many modern features, so it quickly removes all the dead zones from your office or home. There is also a need to place your extender in the best location so other devices can also get signals properly. It is also vital for users to use the perfect method for the Galaway wifi extender setup. Here you can check the various ways of setting up the Galaway extender.

Different Methods for Galaway Extender Setup

There may be several rooms in your house and office, so finding the best location may require creativity. In all cases, you can prioritize wireless signals in the most critical areas. To tackle wifi dead zones, it's a good idea to map out all the areas first before using an extender. You may need to move around the house or office while holding your mobile phone to measure the network signal. It is vital to place your extender in the best possible way so all devices will get signals properly.

Galaway wifi extender setup is highly dependent on the location of the extender. You can use this to optimize your network's performance and broadcast your wireless signal throughout a wide area. You can use three methods for the Galaway extender setup such as : 

  • WPS Method
  • Ethernet Cable Installation
  • Wireless Setup

Now we can discuss these methods in detail so you can quickly start the setup process of the extender.

Using WPS Method For Galaway Extender Setup

The WPS protocol is commonly used to secure WiFi networks and you can also refer to it as wifi protected setup. For Galaway wifi extender setup to work, your router must have a WPS button. Most routers and extenders come with a WPS button, making them easier to set up. With arrows pointing in different directions, this button features a yin and yang design. 

There is a need to check that your router has a WPS button so you can use this method for the Galaway wifi extender setup. This method is applicable when both your router and extender have a WPS button. This method is easier to use than other methods for setting up Galaway wifi extenders. Passwords or cables are not required for this process. When the Galaway extender is connected to the router, a solid green color appears. You can check these steps for the setup of the extender.

  • Ensure that your Galaway extender is plugged into a working AC outlet. By doing so, you can easily avoid any interruptions in the network signal. 
  • Here you can check the WPS button on your Galaway extender and router.
  • Now you can press and hold the WPS button on your router for a few seconds.
  •  After this, you can press the WPS button on the extender and again wait for a few seconds. Now you can attach it to the router.
  • Once the extender light turns on, check your WiFi router for the SSID of your Galaway extender.
  • By using the service set identifier, you can also verify your Wi-Fi connection when it connects to your Galaway Wi-Fi extender.

You can follow all the above steps properly for the Galaway wifi extender setup.

Using Your PC for Galaway Extender Setup

In this method, you can use your PC for the Galaway extender setup. It comes with a LAN port as well as a wireless LAN port, so it is used as a router or access point. After this performance of wifi network is also boosted. Check these steps for the setup of the extender. 

  • Users can connect their PC to Galaway using either a cable or Wi-Fi, and use its default SSID name.
  • Users must use their favorite browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more.
  • There are two ways to enter the website here: www. or
  • Enter admin, the Netgear Extender Default Password, and then you can run the setup wizard.
  • Now you can scan all the available wifi networks.
  • Here you can select your favorite wifi network and hit wifi key.
  • You can press the 'next' button and add a new name to your Galaway extender.
  • After this, you can save the settings and reboot your systems.

It is a simple and easy method so you can quickly start the Galaway wifi extender setup. 

Galaway WIFI Extender Setup by Pairing it with Mobile’s WiFi 

You can also use your mobile internet for the Galaway extender setup. It is necessary to follow all steps properly so you can quickly complete the process. 

  • First, you can open the wifi settings on your smartphone.
  • Here you can scan all available networks.
  • You must set Galaway as the default name.
  • On your phone, open the browser and enter http://ap.setup or
  • You can go to the login page by tapping on OK.
  • Here you can use admin as a password.
  • By opening wifi wizards, you can also find available networks.
  • Create an SSID for the extender and choose your preferred Wi-Fi network.
  • You can click on Finish.
  • After this, you can check whether the internet network is established properly.

After these steps of the Galaway wifi extender setup, you can use your extender quickly. 

Wrapping Up 

You can use any method for the Galaway extender setup. There is a need to give preference to choose the best location and follow all steps properly. It is always necessary to read and follow all steps perfectly.